From 0 to AI in a day: How to find your AI use cases

Mar 18, 2024

Everyone has already heard about the buzzwords Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). But knowing when and where to apply them is the hard part. With the AI Workshop, is offering companies a way to get a fundamental understanding of applying AI and helps them to elicit the use cases that bring the biggest business value. Let’s take a closer look at how the AI Workshop has helped one of the leading ergonomic goods handling companies in Germany.

The Challenge

With the AI workshop, the hessian company Expresso managed to find a way to identify relevant use cases for their sales and service maintenance department such as for their digital business section. For the past 60 years Expresso has been developing customized, professional products for different kinds of industries across Europe and the US.

One of the challenges Expresso faced was the lack of clarity on where AI could actually benefit their business. Considering the complexity of the topic of artificial intelligence itself, it was difficult for them to think about use cases in their own business. Furthermore, there was an insecurity on what was actually possible with the data at hand that is spread across the company in over different departments.

On the one hand, Expresso was searching for a partner that would help the departments to achieve a general understanding of AI technologies and its potential and benefits. On the other hand, Expresso wanted to know what kinds of use cases are possible to realize right now, which ones can be tackled at a later stage and which use cases are impactful but not yet doable within the next few months.

Key Challenges
  • Lack of understanding of the variety of AI technologies
  • Uncertainty about which AI use cases to focus on
  • Data in different quality spread across departments

Our Approach

To shed light on the data, Kineo has organized an AI Workshop with Expresso together. The first half of the workshop consisted of giving an introduction and overview on AI technologies and making it tangible with concrete use cases in the industries. We explored the different ways an AI algorithm is able to learn and which use cases need which kind of training model.

The second half of the day focussed on discovering use cases at Expresso. We took a closer look at the available data sources and got an overview on what sources are at hand. Through the method of “Data Impact Mapping”, we analyzed and evaluated use cases by impact and effort with the goal of finding the WOW use cases, the ones that have high impact and low effort.


At the end of the day, we defined 12 use cases that Expresso was interested in. 5 of them were of a particular interest and 2 of them will now be tackled in the scope of a Data Lighthouse.

All in all, the AI Workshop helped Expresso obtain an overview on leading trends and key functionalities of AI and identify use cases that match the company’s needs and interests.

I was thrilled to see that you can already find real AI use cases with our data today. We may still have a few miles to run, but it's good to know that you've already covered the first 100 meters and are actively working on the topic. We are very much looking forward to future collaboration with Kineo!.
Dr. Alexander Bünz, CEO Expresso
Svenja Schölermann

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