Startup meets Scaleup

Apr 29, 2024

A strategic partnership between a small AI-startup and a leading digital health company helped both organisations grow together – with Kineo helping Temedica revolutionise the digital health domain

Who is Temedica?

Temedica is a Munich-based digital health company with a mission to put patients back into the centre of healthcare. Its ecosystem provides access to the most meaningful Real-World Evidence health insights to every stakeholder in the healthcare system. Its innovative data platform Permea spans proprietary and exclusive patient generated data, public voices, prescription, sales, and claims data – as well as publicly available data sources – helping key players in the pharma and healthcare industries to drive their patient experience and market success with unique insights and products. Temedica’s unique patient companion apps support patients with personalised advice, guiding them through the healthcare system, whilst taking their individual thoughts, needs, and preferences into account. Through direct and long-term interaction with patients, Temedica generates invaluable and previously unknown insights into disease progression and the effectiveness of therapies in real-world contexts.

Background and challenges

Temedica’s vision is to craft the future of personal health by establishing themselves as the go-to ecosystem for real-world insights and patient data. Building the leading healthcare data and insights platform is – understandably – a complex and multifactorial task which needs domain experts as much as it requires technical skills. Creating a product that not only generates unprecedented insights but also makes them accessible for business users requires machine learning and data analytics capabilities alongside a reliable and GDPR-compliant data infrastructure and framework.

permea insights 1

Permea Monitor

The Permea Monitor is a software as a service offering that brings this goal to life, and is exactly where Temedica’s product comes into play: the Patient Voice Monitor. Based on a standardised infrastructure, the dashboards are perfectly tailored to individual customer needs,  answering an impressive variety of research questions with a customisable interface. With the right tools, players in the healthcare industry can better understand the market and make informed data-driven business decisions in medical and commercial use cases like increasing HCP visits, patient centricity and improved communications.

The Permea Monitor is a platform that includes more than patient generated data from symptom tracking and wearables. The continually growing platform has connections to prescription and sales data, claims data, scientific approval data and public voices such as social media related data points.

Why Kineo?

Due to the market’s dynamic nature and the organisation’s fast-moving goals, Temedica required an external partner to assist them with this additional workload, ideally a startup with data-infrastructural and machine learning expertise. Despite being relatively new to the market, Kineo was the right partner for Temedica. The team brought together extensive technical and analytical knowledge with a huge amount of dedication and flexibility – exactly what Temedica needed during the scaling phase of the Permea platform. As a result, a hand-picked team (R&D taskforce) comprised of Temedica and Kineo experts was created in order to bring the cutting-edge platform – including cloud data infrastructure, data workflow orchestration, machine learning backend and the customer facing frontend – to life.

The right mindset

Building a platform and products of such a size and scale isn’t just about implementation. Anchoring expertise in the team is key – meaning that shared values such as integrity, transparency and cooperation are particularly important. Pairing sessions are a must – the perfect showcase for Kineo’s genuine consulting mindset!

permea flow

Extraordinary results

Over the course of 11 months, the Permea development team worked in close collaboration with Kineo in order to create and deliver state-of-the-art Permea Monitor products. During this time, our cross-functional team successfully implemented revolutionary cloud technologies, including a completely serverless data lake, a fully automated, reliable and scalable orchestration framework, multiple data exchange services and a cutting edge dashboarding server over which Permea Monitor products can be hosted and accessed – not forgetting the fact that each and every component had to adhere to strict GDPR compliance, of course!

The team put particular emphasis on testing – as well as continuous integration and deployment—ensuring the maximum amount of professionalism. As a result, vast amounts of data sources integrated into an unprecedented data platform and, in addition to this, data science and machine learning technologies that generate actionable insights for many use cases were successfully explored.

Successful learnings go both ways

Through these 11 months, both companies benefited greatly from the experience of this collaboration. As part of the successful consulting project, Kineo employees have helped to recruit permanent Temedica employees, onboarding them and enabling them to stay with our team independent of Kineo in the long run.

Kineo was able to gain a lot of knowledge and understanding in terms of how tech organisations scale and build a cloud infrastructure system, alongside exploring the efficient integration of machine learning approaches into a software engineering ecosystem. Most importantly, we built a long-term relationship and are truly grateful for the trust and confidence in our work.

Temedica’s Vice President Data, Dr. Markus Eberl, sums up the shared experience perfectly:

We were very happy to find a reliable and competent partner who is data savvy and knows about the state-of-the-art technology we are driving for our business development.
Key takeaways
  • Partnership means growing together.
  • Kineo is a trusted partner when it comes to Cloud Infrastructure and Machine Learning use cases
  • Passion, Businesssense and Competence (our core-values) are key for successful projects
Jannis Grönberg

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