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We are your partner for machine learning and AI – from idea to reality. Together we identify use cases, evaluate potential and develop individual solutions that are made just for you.

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Wir glauben daran, dass die Kombination diverser Stärken zu bereichspezifischen Mehrwerten führt. Als KI Partner werden wir in kontinuierlicher Zusammenarbeit relevante Use Cases in einer individuellen Konstellation gemeinsam umsetzen.

  • Do you want to use AI strategically?
  • Do you want to explore the feasibility and business benefits of AI use cases?
  • Do you want to implement AI efficiently while enhancing your existing projects?

Yes? Then Kineo is the right partner for you.

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Do you have an idea on ​​how to get your product to stand out, using integrated AI? Do you have the business, operational or technical know-how, but not the specific expertise to build the AI ​​around it?

Let's unpack your idea together and create something remarkable together!

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Companies of different sizes and from different industries implement power-packed AI projects with Kineo. We develop solutions that are tailored precisely to your unique requirements and needs.

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What drives us

Ali Selim Aytuna

“Great things happen when expertise experience merge with the beginner’s mindset. That’s what happens during our collaborations with Kineo AI at our lighthouse projects. Seeking for a trusted partner for rapid ideation and validation of innovative ideas to tackle complex problems with AI? You now know the answer."

Ashwanth Krishna

"Working with Kineo has been a transformative experience for our team. Their expertise and collaborative approach elevated our innovative AI ideas, adding significant value to our project. Their seamless integration of solution demonstrated a commitment to turning concepts into tangible, impactful results. Kineo has enhanced our quality and viability of our AI initiatives, making them more valuable and aligned with our business objectives."

Eva Stankewitz

"The cooperation with Kineo has inspired us and brought us a big step closer to our goals. Kineo has helped us to implement our planning and pricing projects in a structured and efficient way. The way we work together is also in line with our values and was pleasant and straightforward."

Stephan Schulze

"I was particularly impressed by Kineo with regard to the speed and quality in the development of Al projects. I also like the special focus on measurable business for the respective company."

Dirk Boguhn

“Ich habe Kineo als sehr agil aber nichtsdestotrotz sehr professionell arbeitendes Unternehmen kennengelernt und bin begeistert über die Schnelligkeit, mit der sich das Team von Kineo mit unseren spezifischen Daten und Anforderungen vertraut gemacht und Lösungen für unsere Problemstellung entwickelt hat. Dabei stand nie die KI als solches im Vordergrund, sondern einzig der potentielle Nutzen für uns und die Optimierung unserer Prozesse.”

Marcus Schiller

"The idea of being able to look into the 'future' with the help of Al was very exciting.The prototype that we were able to build with Kineo gave us an insight into the possibilities of Al. Therefore, I can unreservedly recommend working with Kineo to everyone."

Alexander Dr.-Ing. Bünz

"I was thrilled to see that you can already find real Al use cases with our data today. We may still have a few kilometres to run, but it's good to know that we've already covered the first 100 metres and are actively working on the topic. We are very much looking forward to the future cooperation with Kineo."

Marco Neidhart

"Kineo helps us to implement our innovation ideas and to make the added value of machine learning tangible and measurable. In addition, their modern organisation has always had a positive impact on our clients."

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Our podcast gives Kineo a voice. Be inspired and learn more about our everyday business, diverse use cases and news from the world of AI.


Do you have questions?

Is Kineo tied to specific cloud providers?

We are not tied to specific cloud providers. However, we are certified partners of AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Why are tailor-made AI solutions often better than AI products?

Every company is so individualised that it’s impossible to derive the greatest added value for different businesses using a standard suite of products. This is particularly true given varying data quantity and quality as well as the unique operational setups within companies and departments. The best way to approach these unique challenges is with an AI algorithm and a tailor-made solution.

Why doesn't Kineo focus on just one industry and use case?

We deliberately do not focus on just one industry, because our experience in one industry is just as valuable in others. This enables effective innovation transfer, which allows you to benefit from technological developments in other industries.

We are motivated to tackle a variety of challenges. Our ML Scientists and MLOps engineers are passionate about exploring and learning about new topics in order to develop unique, cutting-edge solutions.

How can I find out if there is an AI use case that is relevant to my department/company?

Ask yourself which challenges your company is currently facing. Consider aspects such as corporate strategy, vision and topical areas such as sustainability, skills shortages and data collection and evaluation. Many manual, time-consuming processes could play a role making these challenges seem insurmountable.

How does Kineo execute projects?

Implementing AI projects with focused or exploratory approaches is our core business. We are experts in this field and know how to strike the right balance between clear-cut structures and the need for enough agility to thrive in an evolving future. Several discussions, including organizational and kick-off meetings with our clients, ensure that we use our time efficiently from the first day of the project.

Every collaboration begins with a Data Lighthouse, a project phase that sheds light on the darkness. During this phase, our goal is to understand your challenges and your business as clearly as possible, in order to generate added value using AI. This initial project phase is primarily about validating use cases: we explore feasibility, business added value and what the best solution would be.

The results of the Data Lighthouse form a solid foundation that helps us make informed decisions about how to proceed. Then, we set a few key goals and chart a way forward together.

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