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An Ambitious Team With Tact and Safety Shoes

For us it's all about the people. Artificial intelligence is meant to support people in their daily lives, generate insights and help create space and time for other tasks.

Whether with tact at the keyboard or with safety shoes in production halls, our team takes care of every facet of a project.

Great things can only be achieved with great people. Here's a glimpse of who we are.

What Kineo means to us

Kineo – not just a brand, but a mindset

At the core of Kineo are people with technical expertise, business sense and a passion for the meaningful use of AI. This passion is the driving force behind all our AI projects.

Quelea is emblematic of the mindset we follow in AI projects and our organization. Like the bird, we derive our true strength from swarm intelligence. Every individual, be it a customer or a team member, contributes to our collective success. This requires agility, active listening, mutual consideration and clear communication. In our AI projects, this means remaining flexible, listening to each other and developing clear solutions together – be it as a leader or as part of the team.

We value knowledge sharing and transparency in our work, whether through pair programming, regular updates and webinars, or via our podcast. AI should not be a black box – we aspire to make it as understandable as possible.

It never ceases to amaze us how the idea of Quelea and our transparent approach helps us with new challenges and we are happy to share this with our partners.

Our podcast

Kineo for your ears

Our podcast gives Kineo a voice. Be inspired and learn more about our everyday business, diverse use cases and news from the world of AI.


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